Set Extension Central Station Gothenburg

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The set extension is a project I created with Elias Göransson and Alexander Brodendal for a school assignment in spring 2011. We wanted to integrate 3d objects with live footage without having to use 3d tracking. Instead we used a technique were we created a panoramic image and mapped it on to a sphere in Maya where we matchmoved the 3d objects. The project was lit with a HDR image to match the light with the original footage and rendered with Mental Ray. In order to have more control in the compositing phase we rendered out all the different elements seperately. The Maya scene had over 26 different render layers with some of them have additional render passes. The file size of the rendered images was over 100GB!

For the compositing we used Nuke.  It was the first time any of use used the program. Nukes node based system made it easy to have an overview of all the rendered passes. Other software used besides Maya and Nuke was 3ds max, After Effects, Photoshop and Autopano Giga.

My responsibilities in the project was modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and compositing.

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